Where we identify a gap in provision or an industry need, we work with leading subject matter experts to create proprietary content for our own bespoke Practice Labs.

If you are an IT professional, gaining a certification in one of the Practice Labs courses will enhance your career. Boost your knowledge and skills with basic computing skills for our courses.

Bespoke Practice Labs

These cover two of our most popular topics:

Cybersecurity skills – to inform and educate IT recruits, students and others about cybersecurity, including ethical hacking and Red Team Blue Team tactics.

Network skills – to provide a fundamental understanding of network security and Wireshark tools.

Our proprietary Practice Lab and Exam Prep titles include

IC3-GS5 IC3 Digital Literacy Certification - Global Standard 5
PLAB-AZ1 Azure Fundamentals
PLAB-AZ2 Azure Management Concepts
PLAB-AZ3 Azure Storage Management
PLAB-AZ4 Azure Security Concepts
PLAB-CEH-v10 Practice Labs - Ethical Hacker v10
PLAB-CS-FUND Cyber Security Fundamentals
PLAB-DIG-LIT Digital Literacy
PLAB-SERVER-2012-R2-SANDBOX Practice Labs Server 2012R2 Sandbox
PLAB-SERVER-2016-SANDBOX Practice Labs Server 2016 Sandbox
PLAB-WS-NMAP Introduction to Network Security Tools
PLAB-WS01 Practice Labs Introduction to Wireshark
PLABS-DFORENSIC Computer Forensics and Investigations

Practice Lab

Exam Prep

The Practice Lab environment

Our Practice Lab Environment (PLE) consists of live, pre-configured hardware, hosted in the cloud – accessible via a web browser or integrated into a learning management system (LMS).

Accompanying lab guides are available to step users through multiple exercises and tasks or, alternatively, the PLE can be used to recreate a sandbox-style environment for freestyle experimentation.

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