Getting Started

STEP 1: Create your Damelin Online account

Click on the “My Account” button and follow the form prompts. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.

STEP 2: Enrol for your online course

Select your desired course and complete the enrolment application process. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful enrolment.

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STEP 3: Your learning journey begins

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Damelin online – course delivery and assessment

Your course is divided into weekly modules. We recommend you cover one module a week. As this is a self paced course you have a maximum time of six months to complete your course material and submit your assignments. Our online courses are delivered in the form of module notes and short videos; which are available 24/7 on the Virtual Learning Environment. Just simply log in and you can seamlessly continue from where you left off.


Throughout each course, quizzes will allow you to test how well you understand a module and highlight any areas you’re struggling with. This allows you to know which subjects to discuss further with your course lecturer or your academic advisor, to stay on top of and make the most of your learning experience.

This is a graded course. Some of the assignments are graded whilst other are participatory only. Every module has at least one assignment. In order to progress to the next module you are required to submit your assignment/s from the previous module.

Module notes

Engaging videos presented by the sme

Virtual learning environment

Social Learning via discussion forums

Assignments and quizzes

feedback from the online course lecturer

Academic Support from the academic advising centre
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