You will learn how to set up and configure switches and routers to ensure the smooth functioning of the network. After completion, you can plan and configure different IP ranges for networks and configure Cisco equipment accordingly. The tasks in the exercises are aligned to give you in-depth knowledge of configuring and maintaining a network using Cisco networking equipment.

As networking technologies evolve, Cisco certifications will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed. You will learn how to install, monitor, and troubleshoot the network infrastructure products.

CISCO is a multinational technology corporation specialising in developing and manufacturing hardware and software for telecommunications and networking. As CISCO’s products and services are implemented in several companies, gaining their certification is highly sought after.

We help our learners prepare for this certification exam. We cover aspects such as hardware, software, and the related infrastructure.

Our examination prep courses are fully online and suited to a variety of educational levels. Upskill yourself with the increased knowledge of CISCO systems with us.

Our Cisco Practice Lab and Exam Prep titles include

200-301 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Practice Lab

Exam Prep

The Cisco Practice Lab environment

Working on live Cisco equipment, users can freestyle within our Cisco Practice Labs or opt to follow comprehensive lab guides, aligned with Cisco training course content. Our Cisco Exam Preps offer a valuable way for users to review and confirm their readiness for testing prior to committing to the expense of Cisco certification.

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