Terms and Conditions

for Debit Order Instruction

This Debit Order Instruction is a binding contraction between Damelin Online (the “Company”) and you (the “Customer”).

You, the Customer acknowledges that:

  1. I the Customer instruct and authorise the Company to draw against my nominated account, or to any other bank that I might transfer the account) the amount necessary for the payment of the instalment premium due in respect of the policy of the enrolled course, on the day nominated by me the Customer each and every month and continuing until termination of our agreement or until cancelled by the Company in writing.
  2. All such withdrawals from my bank account by the Company are treated as though personally authorised by me, the Customer
  3. I the Customer is responsible for paying the debit order premium and that non-payment can result in course repudiation and loss of access and services.
  4. Withdrawals are processed by a computerised system of the South African Banks with details of each withdrawal printed on your bank statement
  5. Bank charges, pertaining to the debit order, are payable by you as the Customer to the bank
  6. I am aware of the general Terms and Conditions and the Refund Policy of Damelin Online and that those are binding on the transaction to which this Debit Order Instruction is a means of payment
  7. I agree that although this Instruction may be cancelled by me, such cancellation does not cancel the Instruction, as alluded to in conditions pertaining and mentioned in point 5 above. I am not entitled to any refunds of amounts outside of such Terms & Conditions as per Section C. of the Damelin Online Programme Fees.
  8. I acknowledge that this Instruction may be ceded to or assigned to a third party if the agreement is also ceded or assigned to that third party, but in the absence of such assignment of the Instruction, this Instruction cannot be assigned to any third party.
  9. I acknowledge that the party hereby authorised to effect the drawing(s) against my account and my not cede or assign any of its rights to any third party without my prior written consent and that I man not delegate any of my obligations in terms of this instructions to any third party without prior written consent of the authorised party.
  10. Receipt of this instruction by the Company shall be regarded as receipt thereof by your bank whichever it is or will be.
  11. I am familiar with debit orders and how these are processed by banks, my responsibility and that of the Company providing me with purchased services. I am aware of Debit Order guidelines, provided by PASA, that informs me of the Thembeka (Trustworthy and Reliable) method in understanding and dealing with Debit Orders.
  12. Please, review the Thembeka Steps to honour or dispute a debit order
  13. The Company will charge a fee of ZAR100 for unsuccessful debit orders , such as insufficient funds (02), payment stopped by account holder (04), or transaction dispute (F2), etc.