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Our mission and vision


  • Here at Damelin Online, we pride ourselves in our student engagement and support.
  • Our dedicated Academic Advising Centre, has the knowledge to help students with any academic query.
  • Our online course lecturers are industry experts who have the extensive knowledge needed to assists students.
  • Corporate training will boost your entire companies’ productivity and in turn boost profits. This allows you, as the employer, to widen the profit margin through integrated learning while giving the information and professional development that your employees need within your organisation.


  • Damelin Online offer diploma courses which have been accredited by the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP)
  • At Damelin Online, we take pride in offering digital marketing courses which are internationally accredited and validated by the industry advisory council which include members such as Google, IBM and more.
  • You also have the opportunity to complete a range of courses certified by the SABPP, as well as the South African Council of Educators (SACE)

Student Focused

  • Our approach is simple, offer industry-relevant courses suited to your needs.
  • Our focus on interactive learning stems from the need to see students achieve and maintain their goals.
  • Our interactive learning management system is user-friendly and adds to your learning.
  • Corporate training will help to further develop your employees’ skill sets and expand their professional knowledge. With providing your employees’ the opportunity to fine-tune their skills or learn about new trends in order to stay up-to-date within your industry, will hugely benefit them at work. As company policies, regulations and specs change over time it is important that you, as the employer, to provide access to online corporate training content on a regular basis.

Life-long learning

  • We encourage an attitude of continuous learning.
  • Damelin Online offers the flexibility anyone with time constraints would need to complete an online course.
  • We strive to remain relevant and to continue to revamp our courses to follow suit.
  • By investing in Damelin online corporate training courses, you will create employees that are specialised and well-equipped to handle more tasks than ever before. Enrolling your staff to complete a Damelin Online course, adds to their current skill set with skills that are not specified to their current job role; in turn you create employees that are better equipped for every eventuality. Giving you the advantage to avoid investing in specialist employee costs.
  • The flexibility of Damelin Online allows the freedom to study from anywhere and anytime which will motivate your employee to work hard on the course when and where they can while fulfilling their daily work tasks.

Ever dream about becoming a marketing manager? Or taking the next step in your finance career and becoming a bookkeeper? And finally taking the chance in copywriting? Offering over 50 industry-relevant courses, Damelin Online affords you the opportunity to upskill yourself with up-to-date knowledge in your specific field.

Damelin Online ensures that quality learning is always at your fingertips.

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